From Salford Quays across the water to Manchester United

My work is inspired  by the changing face of the north west & more specifically Greater Manchester.  Interaction with Manchester in this way began when I started working at nights from tower block overlooking the changing city scape. 

I was brought up in Manchester and have repeatedly departed and returned to the area most recently in 2008.  I now live very close to the centre of  Manchester.  My northern roots are fundamental to my way of seeing.  

Also,  I work as an emergency duty social worker which takes me into many unusual settings  being out and about at night allows a specific view of the world.  Sometimes when its  just you and the buildings at dusk and dawn, there forms a special relationship.  My work is in some way trying to capture this relationship.   

I am at times bedazzled and similarly horrified by the rapid growth of tall and often seemingly impersonal buildings.  I love to experience the transitionary contrasts this provides.

To me there is a spirit and history in this area which fascinates me.  I am inspired to act as a recorder of the lightning speed change in Manchester and the disappearance of significant markers in the city.

The aim is to capture the spirit of the place through light and colour and use of the ‘digital paintbrush’ which has guided me through this latest period.  The Manchester of contrasts old and new personal and impersonal, the journey is capturing intriguing sights both well known and litte known, expressing the ephemeral turmoil and the permanent magic of this region.

Railway link, the Ordsall Cord, Salford 2019

Exhibiting now at Innside @1st Street

29. May, 2019

Journeys Across Manchester

Currently showing at Innside at First Street

The Mancunian conurbation from Barton Moss, Salford

Heading into Salford, the gasometers before they were removed.

Deansgate Square complex May 2018

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